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In terms of which is the best browser, 2013 was a relatively quiet year in the internet browser space for the main vendors. That may not be the case in 2014.

A report from StatCounter that was recently released indicated that Google Chrome is now the dominant and best browser (November 2013 to December 2013) with nearly 42 percent marketshare. In second place behind Chrome is Microsoft’s IE  with a 27 percent total, with different versions having smaller shares of the market – e.g. IE10 leads IE browsers at 11.10 percent.

Firefox completes the list of the top three most used browsers with 18 percent market share. It was once a favorite among Internet professional although is got left behind. Firefox isn’t planning on sitting idly by content however – it’s announcing several social integrations that hope to once again increase their share of the competitive browser market.

Firefox indicated that users can now leverage content aggregation service Delicious from within the browser, and take advantage of a new browser add-on/extension from social music player Saavn. Couple with last year’s integrations with services including Facebook, Cliqz and Mixi and it appears that Firefox may once again be finding its footing.

Over the years as version have come and gone, and features and security concerns have improved,  people have formed allegances with their browser even to the point of never using or trying other browsers. They get their bookmarks and favorites set and then they don’t want to switch because of the hassle to move them or fear that they will loose them altogether. It seems that there are many reasons why people choose certain browsers over others. While we can do a physical count of how often a browser is used, the Best Browser is still a very personal decision and choice.