IT Support For Concord, New London, and Lebanon

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Web development is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Today, businesses are more dependent than ever on the kind of online presence that they have. If you want to sell to the new age buyer; the ones who use smartphones and make almost all of their purchases online, then you need to have an outstanding website. One that will speak to the kind of quality and professionalism that your brand brings to the table.

As important as a website is to this endeavor, most business owners still do not realize the degree of work that goes into creating one. It is a common misconception among non-web-designers that creating a website is as simple as designing a logo and posting one or two videos or articles on a page. This, unfortunately, is a mistake that can prove rather costly for those who do not wise up and realize how crucial proper web development is to their business and brand. Here are a few common website development misconceptions that you should strive to eliminate from your thoughts and assumptions.

Building a website is easy

Of course, there are websites that are quite simple to build. In fact, there are web development tools available online today that make it possible for even an amateur computer user to create a website in less than 10 minutes. These tools often involve simple instructions and templates that are easy to customize. The problem is that you cannot use these websites as your corporate home online.

A proper corporate website will involve several pages, a log-in setup, a blog, online payment options, social media widgets and a host of other bits and pieces that are absolutely necessary if your brand is to succeed online. All this and it also has to be user-friendly and simple to understand and navigate. What most C.E.O’s don’t realize is that all of this involves a great deal of background work. The best websites are very simple as far as the designs are concerned, that doesn’t mean they are easy to develop. Some processes take hours and even days to perfect.

Building a website is a one-time thing

Building your website and taking it live does not mean that the job is done. Every website needs to be maintained. The best companies, those that have an amazing online brand presence, have entire teams monitoring and working on their websites 24/7. You need to make sure that your website does not suffer any glitches; that it does not get hacked; that all functionalities remain functional and that there is fresh content for SEO purposes. All this takes work. If you are going to create a website, you need to set aside a piece of your marketing budget for maintaining that website.

You have the final say on the design

This is the biggest misconception and mistake that most business owners make. Of course, being that you commissioned the web development process, you should have a say in the direction that the whole project takes. It is, after all, your brand. This, however, does not mean that you should micromanage the web designer. Unless you have web design know-how and experience, you should trust that your web designer knows what would work best for your website. Your part is to give them the direction you want to be taken. You should then sit back and let them do their job. You can ask for amendments once they present you with the respective demos.

Web development is a necessary undertaking for all business. However, the web designer knows best how to ensure that your brand gets the best website possible.