Desk phones are being replaced by cell phones as the primary communications device. Young workers are cutting the “corporate cord” and are ushering in a new era of business communications.

That’s according to cloud solutions provider RingCentral, which surveyed more than 300 people responsible for buying and/or using business phone systems about challenges with communications systems, bring your own device (BYOD) and other related topics.

“Mobility and BYOD are fundamentally changing business communications by allowing employees to communicate about work matters when, where and how they want – even during personal time,” said David Berman, president at RingCentral. “Mobile devices are turning into true business tools and are transforming the workplace as a whole, from shifting traditional business hours to changing how employees interact via voice, video, text and other business applications. We believe that all these changes are making legacy on-premise phone systems obsolete as they do not meet modern business needs.”

RingCentral’s survey, “Workforce BYOD Rises Dramatically,” was conducted by Dimensional Research. It found that half of the respondents use mobile phones even while sitting at a desk with a desk phone, and nearly nine in 10 employees use their cellphones for work purposes while on personal time.

Seven in 10 respondents believe office phones will eventually be replaced by mobile; of those, “millennials” are more likely think so.