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Meta Ads


Our dedicated team of professionals can help you with all things related to advertising on Meta - Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook Ads

Whether you need to launch a brand new Meta Ads campaign or you want to improve one of your ongoing campaigns, we can deliver.

Our Meta Ads service is rooted in the Facebook Ads Audit. The full account, campaign, and ads evaluation provide us with actional data to deliver better results.

If the situation demands a new ad, we have the best designers in the field to create custom ad creatives. We can also deliver a complete creative overhaul to make your presence on Facebook unique and recognizable.

You’ll be able to monitor the results thanks to our full-blown dashboard optimized for reliable and accurate reporting.

Yes, we work closely with you and your data to make the appropriate changes. We are constantly monitoring the effectiveness of each campaign and can make adjustments as needed.

Constant monitoring and reporting. We have superior tools and dashboards to see exactly what is happening. Best part is you have immediate access to all of this as well!

Digital Marketing that Gets Results

Here’s how we’ve helped our clients:

Nursing Home Ad

Nursing Home


  1. Local Nursing Home Looking to Increase Hyper-Local Visibility
  2. High Cost per Lead Through Current Marketing Campaigns
  3. High Customer Acquisition Cost Due to High Competition
  4. Lack of Customer Loyalty


  1. Local SEO & Listings Management
  2. Facebook Ads Conversion and Retargeting
  3. Facebook Audience Management
  4. Lead Automation Using Zapier


  1. 200+ Prospects Leads per Month Through Facebook Ads
  2. Avg. $8-24 per Contact Through Facebook Ads
  3. Higher Conversion Rate Than Any Existing Marketing Programs
  4. About 10% Increase in Brand Recall
  5. High Engagement Rate Due to Hyper-Local Targeting
  6. Increase in Brand Visibility and Recall

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