Ever wondered about Website Optimization Services?

Some SEO agencies provide website optimization services. Forget about this service. You don’t need it. All that you need for your on-page website optimization is the following:

  1. Create an attractive title, which includes your main keyword phrase. Remember to focus on your targeted audience instead of search engines while you create it. It is much more important for your site to convert your visitors to prospects/customers/signups, than to improve your SERPs for 1%-3% with the help of your title and to LOSE your business.
  2. Insert your main keyword in your landing page 2-3 times between the text and highlight it once with bold.
  3. Avoid duplicate content, flash, java scripts and hidden text. Link all pages between each other.

So that’s really all there is to it. If you did this, you’re a genius SEO expert. 🙂 No, really, I mean it because that’s 99% of all on-page website optimization, which should be done on any website! Applying all other SEO “tricks” on your website can improve your rankings for just 1%-3%. However, if done wrong, these tricks can DECREASE your sales or signups for 3%-5%! So don’t waste your time & money for those useless things.

As to the content, better focus your efforts on your visitors, not search engines.

As to your rankings, better outsource your link building needs to link building professionals and do what you do best – provide your products & services to your customers and let professionals do their work for you.


So while on-page SEO is helpful for the search engine listing, the biggest bang for your buck is Backlinks! They play 95% of the importance in getting high rankings on search engines.