The staggering statistic of about 70% of people having lost a data storage device makes it even more vital to ensure that you have a secure data backup service. A recent study by a major storage backup company recently revealed that weekends can be relatively disastrous when it comes to hanging on to your things – simply because that’s when people are busy and moving around a lot.

The amount of data that you are carrying around on your laptop, smartphone, and/or tablet keeps growing. It’s not only the value of the item itself that has an impact but 57% of people who had lost a device said that they were more upset about losing the data on the device than the device itself.

With such a high percentage of loss happening in concentrated bursts, there’s a strong case for businesses and individuals to make sure that they are protected by ensuring that their items are insured and that the data on their electronic devices is backed up. If you are looking for a solid online data backup solution then make sure it is up to the task and has the features you are looking for and need, like a local external back as well.

Here are some key features that you may want to consider:

Key Features:

  • Back up data as often as every 15 minutes
  • Back up open documents without interruption
  • Restore deleted or corrupt files quickly, no waiting for tape
  • Restore single missing emails or entire inboxes with ease
  • Completely virtualizes your server in the case of a hardware malfunction, putting you back in business
  • Bare metal server restoration regardless of hardware changes or completely new server
  • Encrypts data locally and archives it in two off-site data centers automatically, incrementally, forever!

You may also want to consider a business solution to handle you Mobile Device Management needs. Its a great way to Enroll, Manage and then UnEnroll your smartphone, tablet or hand held. With a true MDM or BYOD management system, you can easily increased employee productivity and improved efficiencies resulting from immediate and remote access to company networks.

The best part is, if you DO lose your device, you can remotely wipe the data so no one else can have it.