For The IT Manager

IT ExecutiveThe Managers and CIOs we work with all have an incredible amount of responsibility. Culver Technologies knows you have the knowledge and know how to manage IT but lack the resources, funds or time. So we ensure that you receive the support and project knowledge you need to get things done on time, and within budget. We’ve worked with IT managers and CIOs from companies as small as 5 users to large Fortune 500 companies of 500+ users. While their needs and projects always remain unique, they all have the same things in common–they lack the time, resources or funds to accomplish their IT goals themselves, completely in-house. That’s where we come in:

  • We provide a fully staffed local helpdesk, systems management, purchasing, disaster recovery and more.
  • CIO Level IT Consulting – Having provided consultation to a broad spectrum of industries for over a decade, you can feel at ease knowing our level of consultation can help you solve any issue that may arise.
  • Sick or on vacation? You can count on us to cover your bases while you’re gone and keep you company’s technology on track.
  • We can complete projects outside of your normal business hours while ensuring our techs are at optimal performance during these often late or weekend times.

Contact us to see why IT Managers and CIOs around New Hampshire and surrounding states trust Culver Technologies to augment their daily management and support needs, project work and CIO level consulting.

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