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Office 365 is a complete business suite of productivity tools.

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Many people have been hypothesizing that email is dead or no longer the king of communications. While other forms of communications like SMS texting and video chatting have become more mainstream, email is still the heart blood of businesses.

Traditionally, businesses have set up their own email servers in their office or data center and have highly paid and highly skilled IT personnel handle the configuration, administration, and ongoing maintenance of the servers, operating system, and the email engine and program. These expenses and overhead are no longer needed and the whole email function can and should be moved off premise and into the cloud.

With Office 365, you can run your entire business from the cloud and have easy access to your email, calendar, and contacts from wherever you are and on whatever device you happen to be using. You basically can take high cost of daily administration and remove it from your bottom line expenses. Microsoft will take care of all of the server issues, daily operational and maintenance tasks, and provide you with a solid platform to run your core mission-critical business application.

Culver Technologies is a Microsoft partner and we specialize in Office 365 implementations for all sizes of companies. Contact us to hear how Office 365 can help you decrease your costs and increase your productivity.



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