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Inbound Marketing acquires customers by attracting and nurturing prospects.

It pulls prospects in with a magnet, your magnet being exceptional content (blogging, search engine optimization, social media, drip nurturing, etc.), data, and customer service.  But, not all content is good content. So don’t beat them over the head with the sledgehammer, that is spam. Customers will delete this before even opening it. And don’t waste your time writing content that may never bring in a lead.

Use business intelligence tools and pull the prospects in with smart, inbound marketing tactics that nurture them into customers. Your time is precious, and you may not have the time to learn all the tools that make up inbound marketing. At Culver Technologies we help you not only define your marketing goals in concrete terms, we help you reach them. Having access to great content writers on staff and integrated analytics is the key to that process, because at the end of the day, you need progress and numbers you can show.

Marketing ROI is possible, but you need the right tools to measure it. Our inbound services will give you the content, strategy, and measurable results you need to be beyond successful and leave your competitors in the dust. Increasing your customer database accelerates ROI, which means you have to increase the number of leads, and do so preferably in the least amount of time as possible. This is what inbound marketing does, which is Culver Technologies’s specialty.

Why Inbound versus Traditional/Outbound Marketing? Inbound marketing tactics tend to be cheaper than traditional marketing tactics. Companies that focus on inbound tactics have a 62% lower cost-per-lead than companies that focus on outbound tactics. How does inbound marketing work? Think of your sales and marketing process as a funnel. Fresh and educated prospects come in at the top of the funnel that have been pulled in by content. Satisfied leads go out the bottom as consumers. Your goal is to maximize both the number of people you attract at the top of your funnel as website visitors, which will increase the number that come out the bottom as happy customers.


It’s that simple. But, measuring and optimizing the conversions in the funnel is critical to success.  Culver Technologies uses three types of tactics to do this:

Get Found tactics will help you attract visitors to your website (prospects to the top of your funnel). These tactics are crucial because they’re like the building’s foundation: You can’t build anything without them. If you don’t have any website visitors, you can’t generate leads. Convert tactics help transition the visitors you attract to your site with blogging, social media, and search engine optimization, and convert them into into paying customers. You can generate a lot of activity on your website without these convert tactics, but you won’t generate any revenue. There is a science to this conversion, and we are the scientists. Analysis is the critical third category of inbound marketing tactics. Once you start attracting people to your site with blogging, social media, and SEO; once you start converting those new website visitors into leads and customers; you need to begin analyzing your sales and marketing funnel to figure out ways to make it more efficient. That is where the tools are important, and Culver Technologies has the experts with these tools.  

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