Search Engine Optimization

A well balanced SEO strategy is key to having an authoritative web presence.

75% of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes from your off-page web authority. That’s links to your website you get through publishing great web content, making proper use of social media, blogging, etc., that get people talking. That extra 25% leap to the top of search results comes from carefully optimizing the keywords, meta description, link building, tags, etc., on your site so that you become as relevant a search result as possible.

But, utilizing SEO properly takes a lot of time if you don’t have the expertise. What if you’re currently pounding out the hours creating content but not reaping the highest feasible results for SEO? At Culver, we believe that when someone googles your industry, you need to be the first result. If you aren’t, your competitors are.

Our SEO services take the guesswork out of search rankings. Culver will help you:

  • Analyze keywords relevant to your market
  • Implement those keywords in your pages, content, and meta-data
  • Maximize your amount of incoming links
  • Execute the strategy you need to achieve web dominance

Now, perhaps you already have a blog. But, are potential customers finding your blog? Hopefully they are, because blogs are SEO juice! Perhaps you have keywords threaded throughout your landing pages, but are they the keywords your potential customers are typing in? Are they bringing in traffic? Blogging isn’t just about writing just as SEO isn’t just about filling up landing pages with keywords; it’s about strategy.

Here at Culver Technologies, we make it our specialty to not only create blogs, but create content that potential customers are searching for. We get to know your target audience so that when they type in keywords, it’s your landing pages that pop up.

How do we know what’s working? Optimizing the best strategies for SEO is our job. We have the tools to determine the search rankings for you and your competitors. So leave the stress to us.
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