Social Media Marketing

It’s hard to believe that some companies still haven’t gotten onboard with social media marketing!

And if you have, chances are you aren’t realizing its true potential and are missing out on revenue. Having links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube are one thing…but using those services as part of an integrated social media marketing strategy that drives inbound traffic is another. Sound complicated? 

Culver Technologies utilizes social media marketing in the most efficient ways to connect to the communities and customers (and competitor’s customers) in your market. We help you create personal relationships, deliver the right social content, and supply information that makes people want to hit that subscribe button, comment on posts, RT tweets, and share with their friends. And did you know, that every time someone “likes” something you publish, your search engine authority increases? So it’s not just good PR, it’s good marketing–and it’s becoming more important than you may realize.  

An effective social media market strategy includes:

  • Engaging the communities that form the core of your market
  • Extending brand awareness at a viral rate
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Controlling your online image
  • Creating conversation with your audience
  • Measuring the real results of your social media efforts so you know exactly which one is producing the most revenue.

Here at Culver Technologies, we focus on the social media marketing sites that are the most relevant to your business. You could be spending countless hours creating content for social media that isn’t converting traffic into leads. Maybe you’re using platforms that your target audience doesn’t use. By letting us get to know you, we can get to know your target audience and what it is that will sell your company to them.

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