IT Support For Concord, New London, and Lebanon

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David Heckel is an experienced WordPress programmer with over 10 years of specific WordPress experience. Able to create themes and plugins from scratch or can fully customize pre-built themes to meet the needs of the client. His design style fully supports the BEM CSS model for code reusability and cleanliness. David can also integrate plugins into a theme and then customize the functionality, look, and feel to that of the theme. He is able to build custom queries using the WordPress REST API to display custom post types and fields and elements into dynamic search results and templates. Project management plays a big part of every project and David uses GIT for version control and project management.

David has a strong IT background of more than 20 years and can support a project from the server down to the browser. He is able to see the big picture and how the individual elements fit into the project and can code them for mobile first and then the desktop.